Permanent Jewellery

Permanent Jewellery in Store!

Experience the magic of in-store permanent jewellery at Cambridge Jewellers. Every piece is created by fusing modern technology with traditional craftsmanship to create a treasured legacy.

Silver Chain Prices
  • Figaro...$75
  • Diamond Cut Figaro...$75
  • Small Curb...$75
  • Round Belcher...$75
  • Large Figaro...$85
  • Paper Link...$85
  • Long Curb...$95
  • Heart Link...$95
Gold Filled Chain Prices
  • Small Belcher...$110
  • Medium Belcher...$110
  • Figaro...$110
  • Paper Link...$110
  • Heart Link...$110
  • Oval Link...$110
  • Miscellaneous Paperlink...$110

Disclaimer and care instructions

"Disclaimer: While we strive to provide high-quality and long-lasting jewellery, please note that the term 'permanent' refers to the intended durability and design of the jewellery. However, factors such as individual skin chemistry, environmental conditions, and everyday wear may affect the appearance and longevity of the jewellery over time. It is recommended to follow care instructions provided by Cambridge Jewellers and to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and rough handling to maintain the integrity of your permanent jewellery. Additionally, please be aware that alterations or repairs conducted by unauthorized parties may void any warranty or guarantee. For any questions or concerns regarding the maintenance and care of your permanent jewellery, please don't hesitate to contact us."

Care Instruction: You can clean your welded jewellery with warm water, a gentle tooth brush and dish soap. Jewellery polishing cloths also work great to get them polished up and back to their super shiny selves! Keep jewellery clean from perfumes, make-up, hairspray, lotion & other chemical products. Avoiding these instructions could result in gold filled or sterling silver jewellery tarnishing overtime.

Silver is prone to oxidation in certain conditions. The most common being chemicals (hot tub chemicals, cleaning chemicals, job related chemicals), natural hot springs, humidity and even your ph levels. If your welded jewellery happens to run into this issue, silver cleaner or silver cleaning wipes will fix it up as good as new.